Watch Talk Love: Hello!

In 2016, I fell BACK in love with movies. I was working on the DVD retail team at Amazon and was simply watching more movies as a result of having more access. It wasn’t until I decided to pursue a deeper business relationship with a smaller studio in my portfolio that I began to pay more attention to the larger questions films were asking.

This studio introduced me to their film Captain Fantastic – an indie gem starring Viggo Mortensen and the first film in 2016 that truly touched my heart and pushed me to ask myself some difficult questions about family, loss, parenting, pain, and true love. It immediately and tangibly brought all these themes into sharp relief.

I began to reminisce about times past – in high school, college, teaching English after college – when I had space and time to ponder the questions literature asked of me. What happened to that space and time? How could I reclaim the ways in which I used to engage with the biggest questions of the human experience? Why – at 31 – was it so difficult?

My desire to find that space again and to create it for myself and other people is what planted the seed for Watch Talk Love. Initially, I simply wanted way to process what I was seeing. After Captain Fantastic, I kept going. From The Neon Demon to Sing Street to Kubo and the Two Strings to The Lobster… 2016 films continued to inspire me. As soon as I started paying attention, everything had a message and every message was something I wanted to talk about – even if it was just me typing into the abyss of the internet.  I want Watch Talk Love to be not only a way for me to write about films, but to find other people who care and want to talk, wrestle and process, too. Primarily, Watch Talk Love will be the space where I process my take-aways. I hope it becomes much more than that... perhaps a community of people who believe alongside me that films spark conversations worth having.  

We are all so different; we have different beliefs, come from different places, and hold different things close. It can be so tempting to focus energy on our differences. But we are beautifully so very human, together. We all love, hate, fear, and feel. We are "made of the same clay." What if we could channel that towards building empathy? And what if that inspired us to love better and give more to others?

I believe in the transformative power of art - of a film and a conversation. I hope you'll stay tuned.

- Lindsey